Case Studies

Terra Gold Plus


TerrGold Plus is an active business created from the ground up.  The company was self-funded through my partners and I.  TerraGold Plus is a provider of high quality industrial hemp based products.  The purpose of the business is to aid people in healing, staying strong, and experience better lives through our innovative delivery methods of hemp based dietary supplement products.

TerraGold began in 2017 performing research and development on which products it could manufacture and identifying the branded story.  We began sales in early 2018 and have quickly grown sales almost 200% in 1 year.  The company is well positioned with intellectual property, an ideal brand story and growth strategies.

This project has been very rewarding as it is the first project in which we did not have to solicit outside investors.  This pushed us into finding creative ways to build the business from the ground up as a true startup.  Within this company I have performed all aspects of the business through business and product development, organizational structure, brand strategy, marketing, sales, and if we had the privilege of speaking to you over the phone that was probably me handling customer service!

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Rocky’s Beverage Company

Advisor on distribution, sales and go to market strategies

Through my entrepreneurial group we were introduced to a new product idea.  The company had just launched its first product and was in its early product development and initial capital raise.  My company injected capital in the founder round and took additional equity as an advisor to the company.

The company has since been able to secure national distribution and grew from a single product line to multiple lines with a variety of flavors.  Within 3 years the revenues have increased from $2000 to over $50,000 per month. This company has grown to a position of needing outside co-packing and manufacturing and is positioned for a sale in the next 18 months.

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FIN Branding Group

Co-Founder of National Electronic Cigarette Company

FIN was a privately held company established to take advantage of the electronic cigarette industry. I had many responsibilities within the company including President, Vice President of Supply Chain, and VP of Business insight. Within the role as president I was responsible for all aspects of FBG including the organizational structure, evaluating staffing needs, and driving the vision of the business. I was the general liaison to the various department heads to ensure proper communication and coordination of information.

FIN grew sales to approximately $40,000,000 within its 3 years. The company was acquired in 2014 after a successful launch into retail stores across the Unites States including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, 7-11, and other major convenient stores.
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